It’s not often that I write about Mac apps because I don’t find some of them all that interesting, but I came across one that I thought was pretty useful. AppHider is a free program who’s goal is to tuck apps away into the Menu Bar. It then lets you assign any keyboard shortcut or AppleScript to the menu options you create.

Where would this be useful? The reason I wanted something like this is because I use the Spaces virtual desktop feature all of the time. If I already have a Safari or Firefox window open on another desktop and I click on the icon in the Dock it won’t open another window. I have to click on the icon and then press Command+N to get a new window. By throwing it up in the Menu Bar I can get one-click access to opening a new browser window no matter which Space I’m in.

You can configure AppHider to work with just about any program, and it’s actually just a Preference Pane instead of a full-blown program:


If you’re not into using Spaces I’m not sure how useful something like this would be, but it may have other purposes as well.

AppHider Homepage [Mac only; free]