app store purchase.pngAshley and I have finally gotten around to purchasing a few games from the App Store for our new iPhones. One thing that we were wondering about was how Apple handled a situation where you bought an app, and were just trying to download it again. It turns out that when you try to repurchase an application the device displays a prompt saying “You have already purchased this item. To download it again for free, select OK.

That’s convenient, but it also has another nice purpose. After I saw this I decided to setup Ashley’s iTunes account to use my iTunes credentials, which I had already used to buy Super Monkey Ball. She then went to the App Store on her iPhone, found Super Monkey Ball, entered in my iTunes password, and was prompted to freely download the game “again”. That means we were able to purchase the game once, and actually get it on both of our iPhones!

Similarly I’ve read that if you sync multiple iPhones or iPod Touches with a single computer the apps will also be transfered to each of them. As far as limitations go I wasn’t able to find any, but one of my friends said that he read you can do this for up to 5 devices using a single iTunes account. For families that own several iPhones and/or iPod Touches this makes the cost of an application seem a little more reasonable. I know I’ll be buying a lot more since both Ashley and myself can “share” our purchases.