iphone price drop refundA few weeks ago I bought the WunderRadio app for the iPhone because it did something most other Internet radio apps couldn’t: play local stations via MMS streams. I flipped through the screenshots and read through the reviews to see if it could play Clear Channel stations (namely KISS FM), and there was plenty of confirmation that the program did.

So I purchased WunderRadio for $5.99 and I was very happy with the variety of local stations that were available. That happiness quickly wore off once Clear Channel got wind of what WunderRadio was doing, and forced them to remove their stations from the app.

I was left with an application that I hardly used anymore, and for me it felt as though I wasted $6. Sure it’s not that much money, but there are other radio programs out there that can do the same thing for free. The real differentiator was that it was able to stream almost all of the Clear Channel stations from around the United States.

I began researching online to see if anyone has had success with getting a refund for an application that they had purchased, but it didn’t look good. I tried to “report a problem” through my iTunes purchase history (iTunes link), but it gave me a message saying that I should try contacting the developer of the program to get the issue resolved. I waited a few days, but heard nothing.

Finally I decided to use the web-based contact form specifically for iTunes support. I ended up choosing the “Purchase(s) – problem” -> “This item is mislabeled” option. Then I entered in my order number, calmly described my problem, and sent off a message. I was told that I’d receive a personal response within 48 hours.

That message was sent on a Sunday morning, and come Sunday evening I had the response I was looking for:

Hi there, it’s [name removed] here from the iTunes Store! I am sorry to hear that your recent purchase “WunderRadio” is not what you expected it to be. l can appreciate how disappointing this can be. Not to worry, l would be happy to do what l can to assist you with this today.

I have reversed the charge for “WunderRadio,”. In three to five business days, your credit should be posted to the credit card that appears on the receipt for that purchase.

If you have any other comments or questions about this issue, please feel free to contact me and l would be happy to help. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day!

I’ve bought over a dozen programs and games from the Apple’s App Store, and I wasn’t very optimistic when I was attempting to get a refund. Ideally the developers of the programs should be the ones who provide the refund, but given Apple’s prompt response I don’t really have anything to complain about.

P.S. I used my personal email address, which means they had no idea that I was affiliated with this site. So they didn’t have a clue that I’d be writing an article about my experience either way.