Apple Bullies to Change Name to

The former has been bullied(?) by Apple into changing their name to Apple lawyers have forced the former ipodmybaby online baby clothing store to change names– presumably to protect their name. This store specializes in iPod attire for babies. Click-wheel one-pieces in white, blue, pink, or black are selling for around $15.95 each.

Apple has been aggressively, and rightfully protecting their name preventing companies such as from capitalizing from it. One such example is the former was forced to change to

In all honesty, I don’t know how many people would actually dress their child in an iPod one-piece. You’d have to be a die hard iPod/Apple fan to even consider it. I thoroughly enjoy my iPod but wouldn’t ever consider dressing my child like one! With that said, there are more of these die hard fans out there than I thought apparently they are selling thousands of these click-wheel baby one-pieces!