IPodredApple definitely has reason to celebrate after their 100 millionth iPod was sold. It took them a little over five years to reach this milestone, and since the very first iPod was introduced, 10 different models have been released.

According to Beta News, there are over 4,000 different accessories available for the iPod which has helped make it the most popular, and fastest selling music player in history. It has changed the way we listen to music,and the way we get music with iTunes. The iTunes catalog contains over 5 million songs, and has sold over 2.5 billion of them!

In January of 2007, when Apple announced their first quarter results, their revenue exceeded $7 billion with a record profit of $1 billion. They have the iPod to thank for a whopping 48% of the 7 billion in sales!

With the iPhone getting ready for its big launch, I’m left to wonder whether or not it will have the kind of success that the iPod has. And along the same lines, will the iPod continue its growth, and when will they reach the next 100 million?