A recent article from Fortune really makes it clear that the majority of people who go out to buy a computer have a budget of under $1,000. It also makes it clear that Apple is seeing pretty significant growth. Let me explain…

So far in 2008, Apple’s market share in the big scheme of things is 14%. While that number may not be HUGE, it is a number that has continued to grow over the last few years. What’s more impressive is when you take a look at Apple’s market share of computers sold that cost over $1,000. There they stand at a whopping 66% and if you break it down, it’s 70% of desktops and 64% of notebooks. While we knew that Apple was experiencing some pretty impressive growth, never would we have thought that they commanded 66% of the market for the “premium” computers.

apple share-1.png

Two-thirds is the magical number here. Two-thirds of all computers priced above $1,000 are Mac computers. To put this into perspective, just two years ago their market share of computers over $1,000 was just 18%. Talk about growth! So what would it take for Apple to increase their market share in the under-$1,000 category? Well for starters, they would have to expand their line of computers to include more that are priced under $1,000. As it stands, the only computer that you can by from Apple under $1,000 is the $599 Mac mini which doesn’t give buyers much choice. On the other hand, maybe Apple has no desire to try and command the under $1,000 computer market?