apple computer progress report When Apple opened the very first Apple retail store back in 2001, one of the main goals was to increase their market share.  At the time, they were sitting at around 5%, and BBC News quoted Steve jobs as saying, “Apple has about 5% of the market share today and the other 95% don’t even consider us.” Seven years later, it looks like some of the 95% who never even considered buying Mac computers are now not only considering it, they’re actually buying them.

Looking at the numbers for February of 2007 compared to February 2008, Apple has every reason to be optimistic about current and future growth. In February 2007, their market share in the United States was 9% and this year in February it was 14%. This translates out to an overall PC growth of 60% and a 67% increase in revenue. More specifically, there was a 55% increase in desktop computers and a 64% increase in notebook computers.

So who does Apple have to thank for their success? Here are a few of our ideas, but feel free to add your own. Is it the perceived issues people have with Windows Vista? Is it the new OS X Leopard? Is it Apple’s all too slick marketing campaign? Is it the fact that their iPod’s have been so successful and so people want to try yet another product from the company?

Note: Data came from NPD, a marketing research company.

Source: MacRumors