itunes plus music Oh the benefits of competition are a sweet thing, really! It took Apple approximately three weeks to respond to the launch of Amazon’s DRM-Free Music Store. It was a simple as this- Amazon started selling DRM-free songs for 89 cents to a maximum of 99 cents while Apple’s iTunes was selling DRM-free songs for $1.29. When we wrote about the whole Amazon deal, we said that Amazon’s move may have actually caused Steve Jobs to get a bit concerned now that iTunes has a real competitor, and it appears this was true. Apple made the official announcement today that DRM-free songs from iTunes Plus will now be sold at 99 cents, obviously to match the competition.

Prior to this change, users were able to upgrade their DRM-infested songs to the DRM-free version for 30 cents, the difference between what they originally paid for the song (99 cents) and what the going rate for DRM-free was at the time ($1.29), which made sense. From the sounds of it though, Apple is still going to charge users the 30 cents if they want to upgrade, despite the fact that there’s no difference in price between songs from iTunes and iTunes Plus. This hasn’t been confirmed, so if you decide you want to upgrade some of your songs to DRM-free, let us know if you were still charged the 30 cents.

All that’s left to say is, YAY for competition! For once Apple was left squirming and had to respond, and thankfully they did!

Source: Ars

Thanks for the tip Cory!