Apple Employees Will Help Sell Macs At Best Buy

Last May select Best Buy locations started selling Mac computers and they received positive results from the trial period. Later this fall Best Buy locations around the United States will be selling Mac computers.

Instead of just letting the Best Buy employees sell the new line of Mac computers Apple will be supplying their own employees. This may not be a permanent thing but initially Apple employees will train the Best Buy employees to ensure that the customer will have a knowledgeable staff on Windows and Mac based PC’s.

I believe that it is very smart for Best Buy to sell Mac computers. I currently live in a town with a large University and many students purchase Mac laptops. However, if they don’t want to purchase the computer online they will have to travel about 45 minutes to the nearest Apple Store but there is a Best Buy less than 5 minutes away. Is this solution good for all Best Buy locations? Maybe not, but I think their will be some high-selling stores that will weigh out the other stores.

News Source: ThinkSecret