Windows Mobile iPhone Skin One person decided that he wanted to make a skin for Windows Mobile that made it look a little more like Apple’s iPhone. Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, right? After all, it is just a few icons that are being “borrowed.” However, Apple wasn’t too pleased to see this type of admiration for the iPhone’s user interface.

The user promptly received an email from Apple requiring that the download be removed. Come on, we knew it would be coming didn’t we? Apple wants to minimize the amount of hands-on exposure that people get with the interface (even if it is only the icons) so that it will make people want it even more when it is released. Now if I receive a cease and desist letter I will gladly remove the download links as well, so you might want to store them in a safe place if you think you might want to give this a shot. Browsing around the Web I was able to scrounge up some download mirrors:

Download Mirrors: RapidShare, DivShare, MegaUpload

TUAW also pointed out that a similar skin exists for the Palm OS. Apple is sure to scare some people by doing this, but I also think that they are fighting a losing battle. It actually reminds me of Microsoft forcing Stardock to remove the Vista theme from WindowBlinds. Sure it eliminated people from getting quick access to the theme, but I have seen a ton of Vista themes that work with WindowBlinds. Heck, there is even a software package for Windows XP called Vista Transformation Pack!

The truth of the matter is that this stuff is going to happen and Apple will be receiving some bad publicity for forcing these websites to remove their content. I’m sure there is a lot of legal mumbo jumbo behind the whole thing like maintaining trademarks, but they need to find a happy median so that the community can express their excitement for the iPhone without the fear of Apple’s lawyers contacting them.

News Source: The Raw Feed