There seems to be a lot of news in the land of Apple today, so instead of covering everything in-depth, we’ve got all the Apple headlines in-brief:

iTunes Store has Sold over Three Billion Songs

  • Wowy! The iTunes store has sold over three b-b-billion songs! The iTunes catalog currently features over five million songs, 550 TV Shows, and 500 movies (hmm… this number seems pretty low to me). They are now the third largest music retailer in the United States and I still have yet to make a purchase from them.

Bejeweled for iPhoneBejeweled Free for iPhone!

  • Bejeweled is considered a classic, and now you can get it for free on your iPhone. The maker of the game, PopCap Games has created a version made especially for the iPhone that is played in the Safari browser. You can find the game at

Source: CrunchGear

Apple Sued by Eminem Publishers

  • Apple has been sued by Eminem’s publishers who claim that Apple broke copyright by selling Eminem’s music which they were not authorized to sell. It always amazes me when issues like this come up. The lawyer handling the case, Owen Sloane says the Apple suit is an example of a larger problem in the music industry where labels have the right to sell CDs but not downloads. Why an artist wouldn’t want their music to be available in the form of a download where they get paid is beyond me.

Source: MacNN

Apple’s iPhone Patents

  • Unwired View has an interesting post which shows some of the Apple patents that were filed which cover some of the iPhone’s features like the “intelligent keyboard.” Within the single patent for the virtual keyboard, there were 136 “specific user interface innovation claims” which means that competitors who want to create something similar will have a difficult time!

Iphone keyboard patent