Adobe LogoApple just got done issuing an update for Mac OS X yesterday that fixed 25 security flaws in the operating system. Many of the bugs being fixed were all found during the “Month of Apple Bugs” from back in January. Luckily there is no record that any hackers attempted to exploit the bugs that were found.

The funny thing is that this patch comes just as the Hack a Mac contest at CanSecWest is coming to an end. The first person to break into one of the factory-configured Macs located on a network will not only walk away with that Mac computer, but also with a $10,000 reward. The 3–day contest started on Wednesday and ends today.

So what does this all mean for Apple? It really looks as though Apple is starting to become heavily targeted in the security realm. Windows has definitely had its fair share of security problems, so I can’t wait to see if Apple can really stand up to all of their own hype.

Source: CNet

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