ApplestoreIf you’ve been into an Apple store lately, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  A few weeks ago I was in an Apple store, and I couldn’t help but notice I was in the minority. You’d think the Apple store would be filled with adults looking to purchase their next computer, or checking out an iPod. Instead I found myself surrounded by a plethora of teenagers who snatched up every open computer as they became available.

The reason? Free Internet! Apple Stores up until yesterday didn’t have any restrictions on Internet use. Teenagers have been piling into the stores to take advantage of it, and one site in particular, MySpace (no surprise here).

While I was there, it felt as though I was in an Internet Cafe, not a retail store.  This problem has been resolved though because most Apple Stores implemented a new block that will keep users from accessing MySpace.  This should help keep people flowing in and out at a faster pace compared to the time that some stayed there surfing the Internet for who knows how long.

I’m curious what the Apple store will be like the next time I decide to venture into one. Hopefully there will be a few more computers opened up, and the feel of an Apple retail store instead of a bustling Internet cafe.

Source: Secret Notes