iphone firmware 201.pngApple really surprised us by launching an update to the iPhone firmware last night.
We knew that version 2.1 of the firmware was supposed to be coming in September sometime because it will have the push notification system for 3rd party apps that everybody has been talking about, but we definitely didn’t know that Apple was working on 2.0.1. It’s now available and some of you have probably already updated. This update is purely bug fixes, and there are a lot of them.

In our iPhone review that we published last week, we mentioned one of the problems we came across with our iPhone restarting when starting 3rd party applications. We’re not sure if this is something that has been completely fixed because there’s no way to tell until we’ve had more time to use it. Unfortunately we don’t know for sure what types of things Apple fixed for sure because their explanation simply said “bug fixes.” Here’s what we have noticed though:

  • Dragging icons from one page to another seems smoother
  • Navigating between pages seems smoother as well
  • Lag while typing, particularly while sending SMS messages seems to be fixed or at least better
  • The contact list appears more instantly
  • iTunes backup is definitely faster

Worth noting is that if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch, the PwnageTool does not work yet. It also looks like the new firmware has updated the baseband which according to Engadget Mobile, could make the iPhone 3G unlockable.

This is a 242MB update, so it’s definitely a big one and will take some time to install. Total time it took including downloading the update was about 30 minutes for us. Once you have it installed, let us know if you notice any additional fixes.