apple optimus maximus At the rate Optimus Maximus is going, and the fact that Apple has now filed a patent for a “dynamically controlled keyboard” with OLED keys, I’m thinking we’re more likely to see an OLED keyboard from Apple before we see the hyped Optimus Maximus keyboard! What do you think?

Did you get all that? We’ll go over that first paragraph again more carefully. Yes, it’s true.  Apple is working on an OLED keyboard which could be huge! This could also be really bad news for the future of the team over at Optimus Maximus who have been working on their overly expensive keyboard for forever now. Perhaps they’ll actually get their product out the door, but once Apple gets theirs out, I think there could be some serious issues.

Ars explains that the patent describes “a method for changing what is displayed on a keyboard’s keys by putting OLEDS and circuitry in each key.  The various OLEDs could be turned on and off, leading to different images being displayed on the keys.  Applications would then tell the keyboard what to display on each key, depending on what the user was doing at the time.”

The other big thing to keep in mind is that not only would the Apple keyboard likely sell better simply because of the branding behind it, but they could also mass produce it for much cheaper than what Optimus Maximus is able to do. So when will we be seeing Apple’s version? Well, your guess is as good as mine! The patent was just recently filed, so there’s no telling if or when Apple will release it.