There are two bits of information about Apple today that are pretty interesting and both are regarding recent patent applications. The first is that a patent filing shows that Apple is considering adding DVR functionality to the Apple TV. To me, this is one of those features that should have come with it in the first place! The second patent application tells us that Apple is considering making a flip-phone version of the iPhone. Yes, a flip-phone.

First, about that Apple TV. According to AppleInsider, “a series of Apple patent filings published this week reveal a version of the Apple TV media device capable of browsing and recording live television programming in addition to serving up pre-aired content from the company’s iTunes Store.” Could this potentially end up being a TiVo competitor? Here are a few other interesting ideas that came from the patent regarding the device and the remote:

  • The remote looks similar in appearance to a second generation iPod nano
  • The remote would also include an LCD display and touch navigation
  • Users could download weeks of programming onto the remote interface for “later interaction”
  • On-screen programming interface guide would look much like what you see with Digital Cable
  • The interface guide would include “interface overlay menus”

apple tv patent

The other interesting patent filing tells us that Apple might be toying with the idea of a flip-phone version of the iPhone. The image below will help explain (at least a little) what Apple’s ideas are:

iphone flip phone

Engadget explains that the application actually describes it as a “dual sided trackpad.” This dual sided trackpad phone “would be translucent and boast touch sensitive panels on each side, allowing it to be used both when it’s opened or when it’s covering the main display.” Not only could this patent apply to a phone, it could also apply to a laptop.

Of course keep in mind that just because patents have been filed doesn’t mean that we’ll ever actually see any of this developed and sold.  It’s still fun to see what the brains over at Apple come up with though…