think secret logo I’m sure many of you have heard about Think Secret, the blog which at one point was the place to go to hear all about the latest Apple rumors. The editor of the blog, “Nick de Plume” (an alias for Nick Ciarelli), managed to get tons of inside information right from the mouths of Apple employees. Back in December of 04′, Think Secret reported a rumor that there was going to be a new Mac computer coming out and a new word-processing suite. They were sued for violating trade secret law after publishing that, and then the rumors were confirmed shortly thereafter when Steve Jobs introduced the Mac mini and iWork.

After several years, the lawsuit has finally been settled.  On Think Secret’s site, they explain that an agreement was made that “results in a positive solution for both sides.” I’m not quite sure how this is a positive solution for both because Think Secret will no longer be published. Apple wins, bloggers lose. They haven’t really published much of anything since they were sued, but today is the official end of Think Secret which is sad. I suppose the only positive side to this is that they didn’t have to reveal any of their sources, and he must have had good ones because the rumors were nearly always dead-on.

Imagine if Microsoft did something similar at this point where Blogs play an important roll as an alternative news-medium? It wouldn’t be pretty. What I don’t get is that Think Secret gave Apple free publicity! Apple fans loved to go there to get the latest scoop on what might be coming out of Cupertino and it just fueled their interest. Sure Apple likes to protect all of their upcoming products, but in this situation, I think they went a little too far. What do you think?