iphone app store.pngWith the WWDC conference quickly approaching, rumors are running rampant about not only the next iPhone, but also when the App Store will launch. News.com is reporting that Apple is ready to launch the first app on Monday and so people are drawing the conclusion that the App Store will launch on Monday as well. Originally it was said that the App Store would launch by the end of June, so is Apple just ahead of the game or will it only be announced on Monday and released later?

There’s so much hype surrounding the App Store because this is the way that people will be able to get their hands on all of the third-party applications that have been developed. Ever since the SDK was made available, developers have been hard at work trying to come up with applications that both iPhone and iPod Touch (assuming they pay the fee to get the update) users will want to use. We already know that an AIM client is in the works, as is a mobile version of Spore, along with hundreds of other applications.

As some of you have probably heard rumored before, the new iPhone is expected to have support for GPS technology. News.com makes a good point and says, “the combination of GPS and faster networking speeds should allow for a whole range of location-aware applications to proliferate on the iPhone, as they have on other competing phones.” Oh the possibilities this brings to the table now!

We’ll be following the WWDC keynote scheduled to start at 10:00 A.M. (Pacific) on Monday, June 9th. It should be an interesting day…