app store beta.pngEver since Apple’s App Store launched, we have heard from developers complaining for various reasons. One complaint is that when they (the developers) make an update, it takes Apple too long (there have been reports of developers waiting up to 10 days) to make the update available to the masses. Developers are left with little control over the distribution of their applications which makes it frustrating.

Another complaint from developers comes from the fact that there is no way for them to release their apps to a small group of testers to get feedback before it is available to everybody. If there’s a fix they make to an App, they have to submit it to Apple and have it released to the masses. That’s about to change here shortly with Apple getting ready to roll out a a beta program.

According to TechCrunch,this new beta program will allow developers to have 100 people test their app. Those who test an app will provide their iPhone serial number to the developer who will then inform Apple to “flag” an individual’s eligibility to test. Another important thing to note is that from the sounds of it, even those individuals who haven’t had their apps approved by Apple will still be able to put out their applications for beta users to test.

Slowly but surely it looks like Apple is starting to address the concerns of developers. The App Store is just as new to Apple as it is for developers, so with time, the system should work better…