Apple's iPod To Be An eBook Reader
Engadget has received information from multiple sources stating that there is a good possibility that the next iPod release will have an eBook reader mode built-in. The new iPod is expected to have a large screen display similar to the one pictured to the right and will probably have a reading mode. In the reading mode the contrast would be increased and the display would switch from color to monochrome so that it is easier to read the text.

This isn’t the first time that we have heard of the next iPod having a large display. The last mockup that we saw left a lot of people drooling over the clarity and simplicity that a touchscreen display would bring. Apple will probably do the best they can to keep the features a secret so that Microsoft won’t steal their ideas and put them on the Zune Media Player. The next iPod will probably hit the market in time for the holiday season just like Microsoft plans to do.