Over the last several weeks, you may have heard people talking about “supposed” changes Apple was going to make to their MacBook laptops. Some of what we heard turned out to be just rumors, but much turned out to be true. Today Steve Jobs, along with a few of his pals from Apple took the stage to unveil the new laptops. At the end of the day we were left with a new 13-inch MacBook, a new 15-inch MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air with better graphics, and a new LED Cinema Display “made especially for a MacBook.”

About the new 13-inch MacBook:

The “better” of the two “new” MacBook’s, the 2.4GHz model, comes with features you’d expect from a MacBook Pro, like an LED-backlit display. In looks it has definitely changed, and now the MacBook’s and MacBook Pros look a lot alike.

New MacBook Features:

  • Built from “a solid block of aluminum” – in other words, it should be durable (no more plastic).
  • Illuminated keyboard (only 2.4 GHz model)
  • New trackpad is one big button – no longer is there a button at the bottom of the trackpad for clicking — just click anywhere
  • Improved graphics (powered by NVIDIA)
  • Multi-Touch trackpad

Pricing of the new models is $1299 for the 2.0GHz model and $1,599 for the $2.4GHz model. One of the best moves Apple could have made was to drop the price of the white 13-inch MacBook (no aluminum casing) to $999.

About the new 15-inch MacBook Pro:

The biggest change here is in looks. You’ll see what I mean when you take a look at the image below:

new macbook pro.png

A black rim around the edge of the screen is new, and reminds us of the iMacs.

Other features:

  • Improved graphics (still powered by NVIDIA)
  • Updated keyboard
  • New glass touch-pad (with multi-touch)
  • Made from a solid piece of aluminum

*Note: The 17-inch MacBook Pro was not updated

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We’re thinking that with the update, the new products look great. However, it’s not enough to entice someone to go out and buy a new computer if they updated within the last year or so.

When we were purchasing the MacBook Pro’s in April, there were rumors back then that Apple would be releasing updated models in the Summer. We thought long and hard about whether it would be worth waiting but all of the rumors at the time pointed to the idea that the new laptops would be equipped with the MacBook Air style keyboard (also known as the Chicklet keyboard). After playing with the MacBook Air, we realized that we preferred the “old style” keyboard without the spaces between the keys. After today, we are definitely happy we didn’t wait to make our purchases, seeing as the keyboard has changed.