webkit acid3

I definitely wasn’t expecting to see this today, but it looks as though the WebKit team has pushed hard to get a public nightly build of the Safari browser out that gets a perfect score on the Acid3 test. This is hot on the heals of Opera’s announcement yesterday that they currently have an internal build of their own browser that is successfully passing the test.

I downloaded and got the latest Windows nightly build running so that I could try it out for myself, and as you can see in the screenshot above it scores a perfect 100/100 on the test. One thing that I’m still trying to figure out is why the Lego-like block with the question mark appears next to the upper-left corner of the neon green box. It could have something to do with this problem that the WebKit team talked about:

We have a slight glitch in the text rendering that is likely to be fixed soon (patch in progress). Also, the animation is required to be smooth. On typical machines, if you look really closely, you can see a small glitch in the animation on test 26 because 26 is designed to be a performance test. However, we think we are faster than all other browsers on test 26. What constitutes a smooth animation is somewhat subjective.

So Apple is the first one to have a public build of their browser that achieves a perfect score on the Acid 3 test. Now the question is what will be the first released browser that fully supports it? Maybe hell will freeze over and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will take the cake?

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Thanks Nate for the tip!