System tray shortcuts

When we come across application launchers they naturally focus on one thing: launching applications (duh). Impressively the free WinThunder program wants to focus on presenting you with a beautiful interface for opening only your most used shortcuts, but it also throws in some niceties you may not find in other launchers.

WinThunder resides in your Windows System Tray, and as you can see in the screenshot to the right there is no way you’ll be able to fit a lot of shortcuts in this popup menu. You’ll quickly be limited by the vertical space allowed by your monitor, but that doesn’t detract from the beauty of the app.

I feel like this is just the start of the app. The screenshot demonstrates how it pulls in weather data for your area, but I feel this could branch out even further through user-developed plugins if the app was able to handle them. It also needs a way to be launched via a customizable keyboard shortcut so that you don’t always have to click on the System Tray icon.

In my testing WinThunder used less than 1MB of memory while running, which means it isn’t a resource-hungry app. It’s also a portable application… you won’t have to go through an install routine if you just want to try it out, and your settings are stored in the same location as the executable.

Tip: It wasn’t exactly intuitive to me at first, but to create more than one shortcut you right-click on another shortcut to see the “Create Shortcut” option.

WinThunder Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)
via AddictiveTips