AppSnap 1.3.2 Screenshot Last December we wrote about a cool little program called AppSnap that would automatically install dozens of applications on your computer. The nice thing is that it always goes and retrieves the latest version of each program from their respective servers so that you don’t have to worry about keeping AppSnap itself up-to-date.

Now there is a new option in AppSnap for upgrading your already installed programs, such as Launchy and Gimp. It will go and fetch the current version for every program that you have installed, and it will tell you which of them have upgrades available. Then the magic happens as it automatically downloads the necessary files from the site, and overwrites the existing ones on your computer. It is truly a seamless upgrade process.

Unfortunately the database of applications it works with is quite limited, but I would say it covers all of the most popular freeware. It is a pretty good alternative to the UpdateStar application, although that isn’t able to download and install any of the programs.

In this Thursday’s CyberNotes I’ll be showing you how to make your own customized update notifier that includes only the programs you care about!

AppSnap Homepage (Google Code Download Mirror)
Source: Lifehacker