The thing that I always dread the most about formatting my computer is installing all of the programs that I use. Most of the programs are freeware so there should be an easier way to install all of them, right? There is, and that way is AppSnap (the homepage is running a little slow so you can get it from Softpedia). It will download and install all of the latest programs from the application’s server and then it will install it for you.

After installing AppSnap and reviewing the changelog I noticed that this thing has a really nice list of free programs that many of you probably wouldn’t mind seeing. Basically, I would say that this is a condensed list of the one started in our forum by wipeout140 where you’ll find a very extensive list of applications that is constantly being updated, along with preferred applications in bold font.

Well, here are the applications that are included in AppSnap:

An (*) represents a program that I have personally used AND would recommend that others use it as well.

It took me awhile to manually put together that list so hopefully you’ll find something that strikes you fancy. Of course, if you download and install AppSnap all of the programs above can be installed for you so you don’t even have to worry about finding the download links. Lazyness and convenience win once again! :D

News Source: Lifehacker