Matt Cutts is a senior engineer over at Google and knows a lot about search engine optimization (SEO). He is always trying to give people tips on how to make their sites better for search engines, but it looks like the dark side has gotten into his site:

Matt Cutts Blog Hacked

He actually set it up so perfectly that there are some people who really believe that his site was hacked, but the timing is a little too coincidental. Here is his blog post prior to his blog getting hacked:

My site has been acting a little slow and weird today. I checked my logs, and I’m seeing a lot of GET requests causing strange errors. Most of the requests have escaped Unicode characters, but they don’t appear valid. Sorry that the site is kinda slow; I’m going to be away from the computer until around late Monday, so I don’t have time to check it now, but I’ll try to track it down when I get back.

The really funny part is when you visit the Dark SEO Team site it says that Matt defaced their site:

Dark SEO

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