Slashdot has officially started competing with Digg by implementing a new rating system called Slashdottit. It also appears that Slashdot has a much larger community of voters than Digg because their first story already has 6*1023 votes!


Once you do end up voting you’re taken to a page that says:

Your vote in the Slashdottit system will help insure the best stories are presented to our readers, with hyper accurate numbers to indicate their relevance and general awesomeness. Only by requiring the contribution of every random user of the internet can we guarantee the most scientifically perfect numbers will be generated. These numbers will guarantee that every story that appears on Slashdot will be interesting, insightful, and flawless. Vote early, vote often.

I think it is pretty funny, but it isn’t as creative as their April Fools joke from last year where they changed the whole color scheme of the site to pink to target 1.3% of their audience that is female…and they wrote about ponies. :)

Stay tuned as we feature a wide array of April Fools Jokes throughout the day!

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