Everyone has been hoping for a long time that Google would soon release a Google Drive service for users to store all of their files. Google Blogoscoped did an amazing job of setting up an “official” blog for what would appear to be for the Google Drive:

Google Drive
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However, it is currently in the “Beta” stage right now and is only available to a limited number of people:

We have heard users complain from time to time that we don’t provide enough space for them to store emails, photos, and files. Realizing the growing demand of the Web 2.0 users, over the past year we have been working on a ultimate backup system.

Today, our team pleased to announce the launch of Google Drive beta, an online file backup system from Google that integrated with Google Services like Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, Google Calendars, and many others.

This service will only be available to a limited amount of users during its beta stage. If you are invited, you can find a link called “Drive” in the Gmail Navigation Links.

Does anyone see the “Drive” shortcut in their Gmail Navigation Links? ;)

Stay tuned as we feature a wide array of April Fools Jokes throughout the day!