Ashley explained awhile back how Woot works, and every now and then they decide to sell a bag of crap. Normally the bag of crap sells for just a dollar or two (plus $5 shipping) because the stuff in them is completely random and typically of no value.


Well, Woot has sold out of today’s bag of crap that cost user’s a whopping $1,000,001.00 and they still had to pay $5 for shipping. There was nothing special about this bag of crap other than the insane pricetag…and here is what Woot had to say about it:

Speaking of, how much crap does a million and one dollars buy you? Turns out, not much. Despite the extravagant price tag, these bags will contain the same garden-variety crap we usually foist off on you suckers. We’re not kidding when we say this stuff is crap, as in junk, as in trash, as in totally useless flotsam that wouldn’t even exist if the world was a sane and rational place.

I know, you’re sorry that you missed out on the chance to blow a million dollars…maybe next time you’ll have better luck. :)

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