It is that time of year again, and it appears that there are quite a few sites participating in the April Fool’s fun. Google has created a couple of April Fool’s jokes that are pictured below and the especially popular one is SlashDot’s new pink colored theme!

Google Romance

Okay, we will start here with Google’s new Dating Service which is cleverly called Google Romance. All you have to do is upload your profile, or if you have multiple profiles then you can upload in bulk :) .

SlashDot Goes Pink

SlashDot is trying to focus on the 1.3% of their visitors that aren’t male by creating a themed site for women. This includes a pink theme and, of course, the articles posted aren’t geared towards nerds.

Google Browser

Are you sick of the memory leaks in all the web browsers out there and sick of the slow performance? Google has your browser solution. It is a browser that is known to be the most efficient in the computer world. Don’t hesitate…GO GET IT!

Google Earth Shows Us Area 51

Ever since you were a kid you know you have been wondering what is at Area 51. Finally, Google has acquired some pictures of the coveted Area 51 and you can view them using Google Earth (KMZ file).

Open Office Purchased By Microsoft

It is official now, was purchased by Microsoft in hopes to squash any possible competition. Microsoft assures all 2.0 features will be found in the release of Microsoft Office 2020!

Well, that is the major list of April Fool’s Jokes that I found for 2006. I hope you have gotten a good laugh from them, but if you don’t want to stop there then visit the link below which contains an endless list of April Fool’s jokes from this year.

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