Archive site

Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve wanted to archive a website so that you’d have a copy of it exactly the way it was at that moment? If you have just one page you want to save that can generally be done with tools like this Chrome extension, but to create a copy of a site it can be a lot more complicated.

That’s where tools like the HTTrack Website Copier comes in. This is an advanced tool that not only crawls the page you point it to, but it also digs into links and downloads them as well. You can customize how many links deep it will follow so that it won’t take forever (literally), and you can also set whether you want it to download links pointing to external sites. Once it’s done you’ll have a nearly complete copy of the site that even has working links you can click on.

The reason this works so well is that HTTrack rewrites all the references to images and links so that they point to the cached versions. That way when you open up the archived version of the site it looks just like the live version did at that time.

When major events happen I treat this as my way of saving newspapers… just point it to some of the popular news sites and you’ll have something you can use to remember the event.

HTTrack Website Copier Homepage (Windows/Linux; Freeware)