Whenever someone asks me for a good free antivirus the first one I always recommend is AVG. I used if for several years and it never let me down. By putting a free antivirus solution on the computer for people I never have to worry about them being unprotected, because most people I know don’t care when their antivirus subscriptions end.

Luckily most of the computers I setup AVG on are for families who own only one computer. Why is that a big deal? TMCnet said that they started receiving a message from their Free AVG saying they were using the antivirus against their terms. The window, pictured above, states:

Dear AVG user!

You may not be aware that you might be using your AVG Anti-Virus Free in conflict with our License Agreement. AVG Anti-Virus Free is for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only.

We are certain that you appreciate not only the attractive price but especially the additional features of our AVG Network Edition.

Take advantage of our special offer now and keep your data safe!


I had never noticed anywhere in the terms that had said AVG was only for a single computer. They must be tracking the IP addresses of their users and if they receive more than one request from the same IP address then they assume you are violating their license.

Looking through the license agreement I found the spot that says “You must not use the program in a network or on more than one computer.” If I was still using Free AVG I wouldn’t be forking out the money…instead I would head on over to Avast! They say that “avast! 4 Home Edition can only be used by home users that do NOT use their computer for profit.” I didn’t see anything about a single computer only. AVG is making Avast look awfully appealing now!