rebate check.pngGeeks are sometimes given the stereotype as being big spenders on gadgetry, from computers to video game systems. You, yourself, may be a spender. While some do always have to have the latest and greatest of anything electronic, not all geeks are frequently forking out the cash.

Now that most people living in the United States will be receiving a refund check from the government within the next month or so, a survey was done to see what people would be doing with the money. NPD Group conducted one such survey and even though “geeks” could easily go out and spend the $600 or $1200 on a new computer or a sleek TV, what they found is that people will actually be saving the money.

Maybe geeks won’t be spending because they already own the latest and greatest (haha) and nothing enticing has come out? Or maybe it’s because those who follow technology trends aren’t as big of spenders as everybody thought? Regardless, the bottom line from a PC Magazine article says that geeks are planing to save the money they receive from their tax rebate and not spend it.

If you’re getting a rebate check, what is it that you plan to do with the extra cash?