Wii Money If you tried to hunt down a Wii this holiday season there is a good chance that you walked away empty handed and with a pounding migraine. The Wii is essentially a money printing machine for both retailers and Nintendo, but a nightmare for consumers who were trying to find one for their kids.

Amazon just published a press release outlining some of the stats from the holiday season. The busiest day was on December 10th where 5.4 million items were ordered…that’s 62.5 items per second! And guess what, when they had Wii’s in stock those were flying off the shelves at an amazing 17 units per second. If you tried to call up one of your friends to let them know that Amazon had Wii’s in stock, about 250 of them would have been sold by the time you dialed and your friend answered. Every 5 minutes that they had Wii’s in stock equates to over 5,000 units. And you wonder why they were so darn hard to find!

Amazon posted a lot of other stats as well, but many of them were not all that interesting. One that did catch my attention was that they shipped 160,000 packages to APO/FPO addresses, which are army/military addresses.

Congrats to you if somehow you managed to snag a Wii this holiday season!