Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) has become world renowned as a big pain in the butt. It isn’t really the people who are pirating Windows that are complaining about how bad it is…instead it is the people who legally purchase Windows and Microsoft tells them that their operating system is pirated. In fact, the whole WGA thing turned out so well that Microsoft had to give users the necessary information to remove WGA!

Just when we thought Microsoft had learned from what it had done comes Office Genuine Advantage (OGA). So what does this entail? Here is what PCWorld explains:

The company’s Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) program will require mandatory validation of Office software starting October 27, the software vendor quietly disclosed today. After that date, any Office Online templates downloaded from within the Office 2007 Microsoft Office System applications will require validation of legitimacy.

Similarly, starting in January, users of Office Update will have to validate the legitimacy of their Office software before they can use the service, Microsoft added.

Yep, it is supposed to start today. I downloaded a few templates using my legal pre-release copy of Office 2007 and I wasn’t prompted for any kind of check. I’m not sure if my Office 2007 has already been validated without me knowing but I would think that it would be just like downloading software off of Microsoft’s site where you have to go through a whole process each time that you try to download something.

So while you are celebrating the release of Firefox 2 this weekend maybe you should take an extra drink to celebrate prepare for the Genuine Advantage woes we have ahead of us. ;)