I thought it was bad when a message appeared on an ATM saying that Windows needed to be activated, but I think it’s worse when the owner of an ATM doesn’t change the master password from it’s default which results in an “ATM Robbery.”

Atm activation

An ATM Robbery is exactly what happened in Pennsylvania last month when a man walked in to Mastorocco’s Market and reprogrammed the ATM to think that it was dishin’ out singles instead of twenties. Big difference there, huh? As mentioned, the owner of the ATM is responsible for changing the default passcode to prevent things like this from happening. And when the passcode for the Triton 9100 machine is as simple as 123456 and printed in service manuals easily found online, there is no wonder that this happened!

The man came to the store two days in a row and managed to get a total of $1,540 between the two visits. I’m surprised that someone hadn’t managed to do this prior! The owner’s excuse for not changing the master password was, “I’m not a technical person. I cut meat and I sell groceries, That’s my job. I don’t know anything about an ATM. I put money into it, people take it out, and I get a reading at the end of the day.”

Do you think the owner has changed the password now? I’d sure hope so! What a lesson to learn…