Google authorized third party apps

You probably don’t give much thought to the apps and services that you’ve granted access to some of your accounts over the years. If you’re anything like me I had dozens of different apps and services I don’t even use anymore that still had access to my account. So if you’re looking to tighten the belt a little on what has access to your data I recommend checking out some of these links:

  • Google Accounts:
    Google has a really terrible interface for managing access to your account, but it works. It might take you awhile to go through everything, and for me I had a lot of Android stuff listed from all the times I’ve reinstalled the OS and everything. I ended up just revoking access to just about everything, and then went back to my devices and authorized them again.
  • Dropbox Accounts:
    Dropbox provides listing of all the apps and computers that have access to your account. The nice thing is that they also tell you when the last time a specific device was seen accessing your account, which helps quickly eliminate the ones that no longer need access.
  • Twitter Accounts:
    Twitter has a nice layout for managing the apps and services with access to your account. It will tell you what kind of access (read, write, and/or direct message access) as well as the date/time you approved it.
  • Flickr Accounts:
    Flickr will list out the apps with access to your account, and will also let you know what kind of permission they have (read, write, or delete).

So those are the four services that quickly came to my mind that offer ways to manage what can access your accounts. If you think of others let me know and I’ll add them to the list.