Windows 7 login

If you’re one of those people that have to suffer with a PC that takes minutes to boot up this is something you’ll want to consider doing. It can be frustrating when restarting a computer that takes forever because many times you can’t just walk away and come back to it ready to be used. Instead you have to wait for the computer to shutdown, restart, and then get back to the logon prompt so that it can continue loading everything that it needs to.

Give a warm welcome to Auto Logon & Lock. This package contains a couple files that need to be added to your Windows directory as well as a quick Registry script that needs to be run. It will only take you a minute to set this up, but once you have you’ll likely wish you had done it sooner. With it in place your computer will automatically login to Windows using your account, but before the Explorer shell even loads the computer will be locked. That means all of your apps will continue loading and be ready for you once you return.

The developer says that this will even protect the computer in Safe Mode, and at no point is your computer left “open” since it is locked before the Explorer shell loads. That means you’re able to reap the benefits with putting your machine at risk. Pretty sweet.

Auto Logon & Lock Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)