Auto organize files

Do you have a bunch of files sitting around unorganized in a folder, or just have your desktop cluttered with junk that you haven’t sorted through in months? Maybe the free (and portable) DropIt app can help. It creates a drop zone where you can drag and drop files or folders, and it will take action on them based on the patterns you specify.

Setting up the patterns can be a bit time consuming depending on how many rules you need to create, but after you get them done they can really ease the burden of sifting through hundreds of files and trying to organize them in a way that makes sense. With the built-in actions you can move, copy, compress, extract, open with, and delete files or folders. Once you get it all set up just drag the files onto the turquoise-colored icon seen in the upper-right corner of the screenshot above and the appropriate actions will be executed.

DropIt also supports profiles, which can be useful if you want different rules to be applied based on what you’re doing (maybe work vs. personal files). You can also customize the icon used for each profile to help distinguish which one is active.

DropIt Homepage (Windows only; Freeware; Portable)