I have to admit that this Firefox extension is so simple yet offers a few features that should undoubtedly be built-into Firefox. The SearchLoad Options extension only does three things:

  1. It allows you to setup the Search Box to clear itself after a specified interval (0 to 99 seconds). This is useful for me because I hate having to manually clear it out when I am about to perform another search.
  2. You can also customize which search engine will be your default one. Sure, you can already do that in Firefox but the key here is that it will reset the search engine back to the default after a specified interval (0 to 99 seconds). If I’m using one of the other search engines I typically forget to change it back to the default when I’m done, but this solves that problem.
  3. Choose whether your search gets loaded in the current tab, new tab, or a new background tab.

Search Options

There is no doubt that resetting the search engine is probably the best feature of the extension, but I am also using the others as well. This is the last release of the extension to support Firefox 1.0.x all the way to 2.0.0.x (future versions will only support Firefox 2 and above). I noticed that there is a screenshot up on the preview page of what version 0.3 will look like. It appears that it doesn’t offer any new features, but it will incorporate itself right into the Options dialog for Firefox.

Flock Search Box The extension does make searching a little easier for me but I still think that Flock takes the crown when it comes to having the most functional Search Box. It shows you instant results from Yahoo!, your favorites, and your local history. My favorite thing is that it lists your other search engines under a “Search Elsewhere” category. If you click on one of those search engines it will open up the search results for that site in a tab, but it never actually changes your current search engine.

Flock obviously has a partnership with Yahoo which is why they provide the live results from them instead of Google, which is what Firefox uses. In my opinion Flock is a genius for making the Search Box so powerful because it will encourage people to keep it instead of looking for extensions or toolbars that add a better Search Box. After all, Mozilla did earn $52.9 million in 2005 from the Search Box that is built-into Firefox, so why not make it even better so that more and more people will want to use it?

News Source: Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog