Update Notifier for Firefox-1.jpgOver in our forum someone was wondering if there was a way to prevent Firefox from prompting you about updates to extensions you have installed. Th problem for some users is that Firefox will not continue to load if it is in the process of prompting you for updates. For example, let’s say you have Firefox automatically start when your computers boots up. If there’s an update available for one of your extensions the browser will not actually load until you’ve chosen whether or not you want to accept the update.

Max jumped right in with an excellent solution to the problem, and it just happens to be an extension that will take care of the updating for you. The Update Notifier extension will check for updates after the browser has launched, and you can even choose an option to install them automatically. Not only that but you can disable being notified after the updates are installed thereby making the whole process something that happens in the background.

Update Notifier Homepage
Thanks Max!