I’m sure there have been programs who’s windows just won’t retain the size that you want them to. Or maybe you want a program to automatically be minimized or maximized at startup, but it never seems to listen. Sound familiar? One option that you have is to right-click on the applications shortcut, and choose Properties. There you will see a “Run” drop-down menu where you can designate the startup behavior of the application (normal, maximized, or minimized).

Sometimes that just doesn’t work, and in a case like that you’ll need something a bit more advanced. That’s where AutoSizer comes to the rescue. With it you can specify a window according to the title, or by the class it belongs in.

Tip: Normally you’ll want to have it identify the windows according to class because that will almost always pinpoint the application correctly.

The great thing about AutoSizer is that it can be configured to maximize, minimize, restore, center, or resize windows according to either the title or the class it belongs to. If you use the resize option, which lets you specify a height and width for the window, you can also set the starting position on the screen:

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AutoSizer is a free program that runs in your System Tray, and has an option to startup with Windows. The simple configuration screen shows a list of all your running programs, and you’ll have rules created for your favorite programs in no time at all.

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