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There is a good chance that you’ve had a program crash on your while you were away from your computer, and it probably caused quite a headache. Maybe you have a web server or FTP server at home, and the application running it crashed when you were at work leaving those files inaccessible. Another good one is when you start a download before you leave home, and when you return you realize that the download didn’t finish because the program crashed.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation then you may want to take a good look at this free Application Monitor. You can set it to monitor the status of a running program, and it can automatically restart it should the program inadvertently get stopped. Just specify what process should be watched, how often you want it checked, and what command you want executed when the program is found not running.

The nice thing is that you get to specify the command you want run after a program has crashed. That means you can also point it to a batch file in case you need something done before the program starts. Or, if you really wanted, you could set it to restart your computer if a particular program crashes. This guide might help you with some other ideas of things you can run when a program crashes.

Application Monitor Homepage for Windows
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