Reastart crashed program

If you have a program that you want to ensure is always running the free ReStartMe app may be a necessity for you. All you have to do is give it a list of processes to monitor, and if one of those processes are ever caught not running it will immediately start up the app again.

Why would you need something like this? It can be useful for keeping things running when you aren’t at your machine. For example, if you run an FTP server at home to access your local files this could be used to monitor the FTP process, and it will be restarted if it unexpectedly crashes. It can also be useful in a kiosk-like environment where you want to ensure that someone doesn’t accidentally close the web browser, and if they do it automatically gets restarted. It’s really that simple.

One other purpose that comes to my mind is that this could be used to watch a security-focused process that monitors the activity of the machine. Since you can password protect ReStartMe that means it can make sure someone can’t shutdown the security software you’ve installed to track the computer’s whereabouts in the event it gets lost.

The concept behind ReStartMe is elegantly simple, but in the right situation it can be extremely useful.

ReStartMe Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)