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We’ve shown you some tools in the past that lets you automatically rotate your desktop backgrounds (like this one), but the sheer simplicity of Wallpaper Juggler is what makes it so great. Basically what it does is download wallpapers from InterfaceLIFT and WallpaperStock, and you can choose to have it grab only the most popular wallpapers. Then you can setup an interval so that it automatically rotates through the downloaded wallpapers. Once setup the whole process happens transparently in the background without any interaction needed from you.

Here are the features the free Wallpaper Juggler app has to offer:

  • Controllable from the System Tray (enabled/disable, juggle now, switch back to last wallpaper, etc…)
  • Can be configured to…
    • start with Windows
    • look for wallpapers in multiple folders including/excluding subfolders. Best results when used with matching resolution wallpapers
    • change wallpaper once every preferred duration between 1 min and 500 hrs. It will understand “000 Hrs/Mins 000 Min” format. It can interpret M/Min/Mins/Minutes and H/Hr/Hrs/Hour as Minutes and Hours respectively
    • confirm before changing wallpaper
    • adjust image positioning for odd size wallpapers
  • Change wallpaper manually by clicking ‘Juggle Now’ menu or double clicking the icon
  • Displays the last updated wallpaper and the time stamp when the next change will occur

If you hate having the same wallpaper on your computer this might be just the thing you need. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

Wallpaper Juggler Homepage (for Windows only)
Thanks Raj for the tip!