Autorun Portable Applications On Your USB Drive

For those people that have a USB drive you might find this application quite useful. PStart is a program that will store shortcuts to applications and documents in one central location (kind of like a bookmarks system for your files on your USB drive). The tricky part was determining how I could get this application to automatically start when I plugged my drive into my computer.

After reading many forums I soon realized that it isn’t possible because of hardware/OS limitations for current USB drives. I did, however, find one solution that seemed to do what I needed it to. When you insert a device into your computer (like a memory card) it will prompt you with a box that asks what you would like to do with the device you just inserted. Examples on the list could include “view pictures”, “play music”, etc…

I found out that if I placed an Autorun.inf file at the root of my USB drive (with the code below inside the Autorun.inf file) that Windows XP will prompt you to run a program. Here is what needs to be placed inside the Autorun.inf file:
[autorun] action=Launch Applications icon=PStart.exe open=PStart.exe label=USB_Drive_Name

Also, I have the PStart.exe located at the root of my drive and if you don’t put it there you will have to adjust the “icon” and “open” option above to reflect your path.

This nice little tweak will let me choose if I want to run the program. I actually found this to be even more useful than having PStart automatically run because there are times that I don’t need it.

Download PStart For Your USB Drive