expanded iPhone When everybody was making their predictions of what Apple would announce at Macworld 2008, a 16GB iPhone was usually on the list. Macworld came, and what we got was the MacBook Air, iTunes movie rentals, iPhone Firmware, and Time Capsule, but no 16 GB iPhone was to be found.  It’s been three weeks now and apparently Apple wanted to throw a curve ball by releasing an expanded storage iPhone and an iPod Touch three weeks after Macworld.

Double the storage for the iPhone means that there is now a 16GB model.  If you recall, the original pricing of the 4GB iPhone (which is now discontinued) was $499.  Guess how much the 16 GB model is selling for? You guessed it, $499. Quite the deal, isn’t it? The iPod Touch also got double the storage.  Previously they had an 8GB and a 16 GB model, but now there is a 32GB version which is priced at $499 as well.  That means more songs, photos, and videos for those of you who just can’t get enough space.

Many of you who already own an iPhone or an iPod Touch are breathing a sigh of relief at this point knowing that prices have remained the same for the older models. I don’t think Apple would want to repeat the fiasco they went through back in September when they so abruptly dropped the price of the 8GB iPhone and announced that they were discontinuing the 4GB model all together. The expanded storage models of the iPhone and the iPod Touch are available starting today at the Apple store online, or in Apple and AT&T retail stores.