Avast Antivirus for Windows Home Server

As many of you probably know the free Avast! Home is my antivirus of choice, and there is a new Beta available for people running the recently released Windows Home Server (WHS). Anyone can download and install the Beta, and one of the big advantages that you’ll receive by using it is the central management screen that’s integrated into the WHS Console pictured above.

From within the WHS Console you’ll be able to do things like scan any computer on the network that’s running Avast!, update the virus definitions, adjust scheduled scans, or view the scanning history. To access Avast! on other computers you’ll also need to run a Beta version of Avast! Home or Professional editions on each of the client machine on the network.

A forum has been started for Avast! WHS Edition, but I’ve seen no mention of cost for the application. The regular Avast! Server Edition runs for several hundred dollars, and I’m not sure if they are willing to let the consumer server version go at no cost. Avast! plans on making the Beta period short-lived because come November a lot of the pre-built Windows Home Server devices will be shipping, and at that time we should have a better idea of the Avast! WHS price.

Avast! Antivirus for Windows Home Server [via Windows Connected]