Averatec Launches Voya 350 Handheld GPS Navigation

Averatec which is more well known for its affordable computers has gotten itself into the already popular market of portable GPS Navigation. Their new product, the Voya 350 is handheld as expected, and an easy way to navigate while on the go.

It comes out of the box with built in maps of the United Sates and Canada (maps provided by NAVTEQ), and features a touch screen to enter an address. It also includes 2 million points of interest. The Voya 350 calculates the most direct route, or the route that would work best for you. The trip planner is customizable so that you can plan your trip exactly the way you’d like it.

The battery will last about four hours while you’re on the road which is rechargeable, and removable. There is no built in hard drive, rather a SD/MMC expansion slot. As for memory, it has 64MB SDRAM and 64 MB flash ROM. It operates on Microsoft Windows CE.Net 4.2.

This is a rather simple, lack of features type of handheld GPS navigation system. It compensates for its lack of features with an affordable price of around $400.

News Source:Endadget