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We were getting quite a few tips over the last day regarding the new version of AVG free that was just released. As you might recall AVG 8.0 Pro was made available several months ago, and it is a pretty comprehensive security suite. It wasn’t bad, but to me it seemed pretty bloated.

Now the free version of AVG 8.0 is available, and I gave it a whirl real quick to see what it all included. I actually like the free version better than the paid version because it seems a lot simpler. It includes the antivirus and anti-spyware portions which are very important, and excludes the anti-spam, firewall, and anti-rootkit. The parts it excludes are things most people can live without out.

There are a few things that actually really impressed me though. The first being that I was able to install AVG 8 Free and get it running without ever being required to restart my computer. That’s a huge plus in my book because having to restart after installing a program can really be a pain.

And then there is memory usage. To my surprise AVG 8 Free was pretty light on its toes. After running it for about 15-minutes it was only using up about 1.8MB. When I started to perform a full system scan the process took up about 18MB, and used a little over 20% of my processor consistently. Not bad at all, and my system still felt very responsive.

If you’re already using AVG then I think it’s worth taking the upgrade, but I don’t think this offers a whole lot to grab new new users if they’re already sitting happy with Avast or another free antivirus solution. The new interface is definitely way better than AVG 7 though.

Get AVG 8 Free [via Download Squad]
Thanks to everyone for the tips!